Thanksgiving Food Choices for Dogs

Rat terriers sitting up pretty

Can WE have some turkey? P L E A S E ???!?


With Thanksgiving coming up around the corner, here is a reminder for us all to be ‘food’ careful for our puppies and other pets.
Feeding turkey, ham, gravy and sweets are not good food options for our beloved pets. It is much better to be prepared for the holidays by purchasing or making some ‘special’ treats just for them for this time of year.
Some homemade options would be dehydrated meats or oven dried sweet potatoes.
If you are buying treats, go ahead and splurge a bit for the holidays. Go ahead and get those treats that your pup LOVES but that you don’t normally purchase because of the cost.
Your puppy will be healthier and you may even avoid a trip to the vet for your pup.


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