Baby It’s COLD Outside!

Rat terriers with coats on.With the super cold temperatures we have been getting across the nation, we need to think about our dogs and puppies who have short hair and/or single coats. A sweater or coat to help keep their core warm will help keep them comfortable while the weather is very cold. You can purchase coats and sweaters at pet stores or over the internet. You will want to be very careful about measuring for size for your pup though. Some will fit better than others depending on you dogs breed, body type and size.
There are a lot of options out there from lightweight hoodies to full on winter gear that you can choose from for your dog. If you are very active outside in the winter you may want to invest in a nice warm winter jacket for your pup. If your pup only goes out to “do his business” and comes right back in, you may just need a sweater to pop on before he goes out. The options are endless!
Keep them warm this winter!


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