What To Do When It’s COLD Outside?

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What To Do When It’s COLD Outside?

It is January 23 and it is COLD outside! I’ve notice a lot of questions on social media asking about what to do with our pups during the coldest part of winter so they don’t get too bored and unruly. If you have a short haired dog or a pup that just doesn’t like to be out in the snow or cold, you have to find an outlet for those pent up energies that come along with not getting out for the normal walks and play times. Depending on the age & training level your pup is at you have a few options when working indoors.

"Mental exercise tires a dog physically more than physical exercise does." - Dr. Ian Dunbar

Here are a few things you can do indoors with your pup to keep his mind occupied and help tire him out.

1) Basic Training! Yes! Training is one of the very best activities you can do with a young puppy. Work on the basics like sit, down, come and stay. Have short training sessions, (3 to 5 minutes), with your pup all throughout the day to get him solid on the basic commands. You can do these short sessions 5 or 6 times or more in a day and your pup will improve drastically in his understanding of what you want from him. You can include all of the basics or you can choose to work on mainly one of them.
For example you may want to work on your young pups ‘down stay’. Start by having him stay in his ‘down’ for just a few seconds, release and praise. Gradually extend the time you have him stay until he can stay for a minute or longer. When your pup seems good on the ‘stay’ for a nice length of time you can then work on walking away from him, asking him to stay while you walk into another room or any number of distractions.

Clan Clarks Lady Vanessa

Nessa on her first balance beam. Isn’t she a cutie? You can build something like this indoors too!

2) Agility! Yes..agility! You can build a fun and ever changing agility course right in your own home! You just have to get creative in your thinking to come up with fun ideas for you and your pup. After you have taught your pup a few activities you can string the all together and run an indoor agility course!
A few ideas are:
Running stairs.
Get Up.
Balance Beam.
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