It’s Almost Spring!

Odin in the clover

“Odin” in the clover

It’s Almost Spring!

And that means, for some parts of the country, it is almost “bug” season.

Here in Minnesota we have mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, flies and mites…during the Spring, Summer and Fall months…who LOVE to make your pets bodies their personal meal or hovel. In other parts of the country they have to fight these pests off all year round, which can be a daunting task.

There are different ways you can address the insect pests that are in you region or area. One of your best options is to go to your vet and ask her what pests are in your area and the most effective means of keeping your pet pest free. Another option is too do your own research into what others in your area do for their pets. Sometimes you will find knowledgeable people in your area like trainers or breeders who are willing to share their information and results with you.

If you are against using poisons on or in your pet, you may want to resort to a more holistic form of defense. There are non chemical alternatives out there. Some of these alternatives are based on the “old ways”, meaning things that people used before the big pharmaceutical companies came along. Others are based on newer knowledge and research that has come from holistic minded vets and people from all over the world.

In my own personal research and use for my pets I have found, as a general rule, that the more holistic, ‘home remedies’ or treatments are more labor intensive for the person involve but they are MUCH easier on the pets involved. Another observation is that these more holistic treatments do not work instantly like some of the chemical treatments do. It usually takes more applications and more of a commitment on the part of the person to stick with the treatment until it works for the pet.

Which ever method you choose to pursue, I wish you well in keeping your pet ‘pest free’ for this coming bug season. Make your choices well with your pet and your own capabilities in mind.


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