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Sue Lee and her 3 pups

Me with my pups, Nessa, Frigga and Odin.

My name is Sue Lee Ringwelski. I live in what I like to call the ‘tropics’ of Minnesota with my husband Roger and our two Decker Rat Terrier pups. ( One of our girls has found a great new home with a family who lives on top of a mountain in Pennsylvania! ) We live about 1 mile away from the Mississippi River in a little valley near Winona, MN. We love this area with its diverse terrain, abundant wildlife and of course the Big Muddy Mississippi River right next door. Roger and I have lived on this property for well over 20 years. We’ve raised a large vegetable garden for our own food for most of those years. We have also raised chickens, Muscovy ducks, a few geese and Guinea fowl. I used to do a lot of canning of food but I pretty much just do tomatoes, beans, and pickles now. Roger picks several types of mushrooms when in season and does a bit of hunting when he finds the time. We both enjoy gardening, walking in our woods, hiking, biking and boating.

Roger has been self-employed as a massage therapist in Winona since 1999. He graduated from Sister Rosalind Gefre’s School of Professional Massage and got his National Certification in 2000. You can find him at Rest Stop Massage in Winona, MN.

I am self-employed as an artist and a crafts-person. I have done work on bows for stringed musical instruments for Coda Composites Co., a company based in Winona. I schedule the appointments for Rogers massage business and I also do artwork in many modalities, my favorites being folk art with acrylic paint, and music with my guitar and voice. (I also consider other activities such as gardening and cooking as forms of art.)

We’ve had a few dogs over the years here on the place. I’ve worked with and trained them for different things and have always enjoyed the interaction and companionship of our dogs. (I enjoy just about any animal, if the truth be told.) I’ve shown in conformation classes, hunted with and even done some herding with our dogs over the years. In the year 2010 we added three new puppies to our household. For about 6 months all three were under a year old. Now that was a test in puppy handling!

I’ve learned a lot over the years, and now I want to share what I’ve learned with new puppy owners all over. I’ve put up a website at: www.trainyournewpuppy.com to help new puppy owner’s deal with some of the challenges of caring for and training their new puppy. There is plenty of information, links, items and some free stuff on the website. It’s all geared for new puppy owners and for people, like me, who’ve had a puppy in the past…but it was so long ago, that I had forgotten what it was like being a pincushion/chew bone for the little tykes…LOL! Anyway…go ahead and check it out for yourself…maybe you or someone you know could benefit from the information provided.


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